They work very nice and are low noise, smooth sounding. I did replace the stock tubes with some JJ’s, thought it best tattoo shop in edmonton sounded a little better. For this price, you get an ok tube preamp, mic impedance control, full compressor controls, and an EQ. Plus, you get every routing option, so this really does give you an all in one solution.

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They say that ART are good guys and they will get back to me. Despite numerous follow ups neither Jamie’s or bill get back to me. The SPL Gold Mike costs only slightly more than the Pro MPA2 and is still top of my favourites list for affordable tube preamps, though it doesn’t have as many features as the Pro MPA2. Specifically, there’s no variable impedance and no M/S decoding. TL Audio’s mic preamps also perform consistently well, but they tend to be more expensive.

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I am the owner of an ART ProChannel II s/n S120843xxx. It has buzzed since the first day I tried to use it. Very strong buzz on balanced xlr output centered at 120hz. By using unbalanced trs output connection and turning master output knob fully clockwise it would kinda, sorta work. Other than that, they really are excellent designs with a lot of features designed in to make the units clean and quiet… Just a couple of badly placed resistors and you get hum in an otherwise excellent design.

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It’s really too bad because, aside from the hums and buzzes that come and go, it’s a lovely unit for a crazy good price. Built like a tank, full-featured, sweet sounding — and all but useless to me. If I remove the ART from the rack mount and place it on top of the rack on a thick piece of foam then reconnect the inputs and output and power cables, the household appliances don’t affect it and it becomes quite useable. In mood 1, the high tube voltage setting seems to have no effect other than returning the buzz when the compressor is bypassed. Be prepared to replace both the 12AX7 and the 12AT7 with higher quality variants.

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That’s current that the regulators don’t have to supply. If they had used bigger resistors they would have cut down on the hum, but also not allowed as much current to sink through. I suspect they had some warranty issues around the regulators on the original PC and added the bypasses to the PCII as a precaution. It wasn’t well thought out though, because if they were going to do that they should have at least beefed up C69 and C70 to much higher values to take care of the ripple. Based on this post, im guessing its on all units.

Trending price is based on prices over last 90 days. I saw a used Pro Channel II from Sweetwater come up for sale here on Ebay, and purchased it. It is always a pleasure to deal with these folks. If you are looking for a 47ish mic, the GA-47 is remarkable.

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However, if you’re ordering after 6PM EST weekdays or on weekends, we’ll process your order the next business day. Contrary to what some others say and believe, I don’t think that digital replicates the advantages of good analog hardware – yet. Just as cheap hardware can’t replicate the sound of expensive hardware. In the overall scheme of things it is a small, but definate difference.